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Lightweight Sliding Closet Doors as Decoration

Lightweight sliding closet doors are probably several means of room decoration with simplicity. In most cases, many people tend to focus way too far on things they should actually not do in the matter of picking the perfect decoration. As the consequence, the room they decorate could have been better if they should have just let it be. In that case, picking good decoration can also go in line with picking furniture for the room. That said, people can actually kill two birds with one stone by picking the perfect furniture since it can also be good decoration for the room.

Closet install into garage attached to interior hall wall Barn door to replace bifold door

photo by : A&D Home Repair and Remodeling

As stated before, having good decoration can also be derived from good furniture. In this case, lightweight sliding closet doors can also be the concrete example for it. However, in order to achieve that, you need to be smart and use your pink brain in picking the sliding closet door. Forget the usual closet door people tend to use. It is boring and definitely not able to impress anyone. Pick the one that comes with unique feature or anything that comes with difference from the usual type of closet door. Do not forget to also pick the one that suits your room.

First type of lightweight sliding closet doors you can choose to decorate your room is the made of glass. Most people usually do not think of using their closet as means of decoration by showing what is inside it. In that case, glass sliding closet door can be everything you need in order to make your closet a bit of showcase. But before opting for this type of closet door, make sure you have your best in putting your stuffs in order inside the closet. You do not want to show a messy closet with ruffled clothes.

Coastal bedroom photo in Orange County with gray walls Bed, comforter, window treatments also sliding closet doors

photo by : California Closets

Besides, you can also make use of partition if you happen to have customized closet door as the lightweight sliding closet doors. If you use clothes rack and hanger instead, you can separate them with the main room with this partition to give it a sense of privacy, just like many things else you have in the bedroom. But, do not pick the usual type of sliding closet door as ones you always find on the store. Make sure to pick one that comes with unique pattern or anything decorative. That way, you can have good decoration with closet door.

large trendy gender-neutral carpeted and beige floor walk-in tri fold closet doors for linen closet with shaker cabinets and light wood cabinets

photo by : California Closets Studio City

Example of a trendy bedroom design with beige walls the closet design for outwear shirts and shoe storage

photo by : Jute Interior Design

farmhouse dark wood floor bedroom remodel with white walls and hanging black iron lamp

photo by : Tineke Triggs

Clean look in hall with these type of doors and more functional storage

photo by : Conrado – Home Builders

carpeted and beige floor walk-in closet idea with flat-panel cabinets and brown cabinets

photo by : Inspired Closets of Charleston

contemporary medium tone wood floor bedroom idea with brown walls plus Sliding closet doors, paint to match wall colour

photo by :

photo by : Mahia Peninsula

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